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Cocina Dominicana

A large plate of beautifully seasoned meat and rice, with a side dish, and options for empanada appetizers or sweet fried plantains for dessert? Sounds more like a dinner, but not at La Cocina Dominicana, open for just two hours four days a week (from noon to 2 pm; if you want to call in an order, you can do that between 9 and 11 am) upstairs in the Public Market House. Traditional Dominican comfort food is what's available, with very friendly service and crazy-affordable prices (a small portion runs $7, and is enough for two meals even for a very hungry person). The menu varies daily, depending on what the chef/owner/server/cashier feels like making, but there's always great flavor, whether it's in the stewed codfish with rice, or the barbecued beef ribs. Yes, veggies, you'll be pleased too: cheese empanadillas and plantain casserole are regular options. It's tucked in the back - you have to walk past the deliciousness at all the other counters before getting to La Cocina Dominicana, but when you get there, your taste buds and your belly will be glad you made the trip.
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