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Coastal Maine Popcorn

I have a confession: I don’t actually like popcorn. I have a second confession: That is not true. But it only recently became untrue, after my first visit to Coastal Maine Popcorn. The light kernels are covered in your choice of flavors (options include zingy Southwest Cheddar in the savory department or, for sweet tooths, a very realistic Chocolate Pudding). They are just the thing when you’re out and about and need a snack but can’t really be bothered to pause for long or shell out much. A small 5-6 cup bag ($3 for savories, $4 for sweets) is more than enough for you and a friend to share — if you can agree on a flavor. If not, you’ll get double the snack for your dough. If you’re up for more of a meal, see about mixing up scoops of various flavors — Key Lime Pie for dessert, Ranch and Buffalo Wing for the main course, and White Cheddar on top to start — in layers in a large 10-12 cup bag ($4.50; $5.50). Or, if you’re feeling super-hungry, or need to feed a couple of armies, grab one of the monster 100-cup bags ($36; $44). If you loiter, there’s free Wi-Fi, but the flavors will get you up and moving again soon.

Coastal Maine Popcorn | 43 Exchange St, Portland | 207.899.1530 |

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