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Burnt Trailer

If you’re unlucky, you might have actually witnessed a fire in a modular home (the polite term for what we usually call “trailers”). If so, you know how the smell is somehow different than a fire in a regular house, or at a business. There’s something sour yet sweet, with a different edge of soot. Maybe you’re a twisted sod, a real sicko, and kind of like that aroma. If that’s who you are, then salute yourself and your repulsiveness with a good stiff drink — or, rather, a perfectly, marvelously, ingeniously, and totally-completely vile stiff drink. The Burnt Trailer at the Great Lost Bear is exactly what you need. Mixing the Mainer-beloved flavors of Allen’s Coffee Brandy and Moxie, it tastes exactly as good as you’d imagine. You’ll feel like you’re in a trailer park on the set of Backdraft. Rejoice, revel, revulse.

Great Lost Bear | 540 Forest Ave, Portland | 207.772.0300 |
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