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Sebago Brewing Company

“Portland or SoPo/Gorham or Scarborough/the beer tastes as good/wherever you go.” I just wrote that little poem on the back of a bar napkin! (And yes, I do realize the South Portland location has closed; but indicating that before now would have ruined the rhyme and meter of that little piece of verse.) The hoppy Frye’s Leap IPA is great, the nutty Boathouse Brown is great, the oatmeal-y Lake Trout Stout is great. And the Maine lobster quesadilla is just delightful.

Sebago Brewing Company | 164 Middle St, Portland | 207.775.BEER | 201 Southborough Dr, Scarborough | 207.874.BEER | 29 Elm St, Gorham | 207.839.BEER |
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