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When we nominated AMANDA PALMER for "Best Twitter Feed," nobody asked us the obvious question: "Which one?" She's on the Twitterz so much that she's now got at least two. But the mothership, @AmandaPalmer, is the half-million-follower-strong engine of her virality and vitality. From it, YouTube uke covers of Rebecca Black songs go platinum; kickstarter campaigns sell out; impromptu Australian streetcorner busks turn into flash mobs; Friday night boredom turns into hashtag-driven e-commerce success stories, and, occasionally, lyrics for new songs are crowdsourced. Twenty tweets is a slow day for Ms. Palmer, who has never met an at-reply she couldn't respond to with a gentle quip, a lick of encouragement, or an all-caps gasp of amazement. Unless you're dumb enough to put her famous husband on a list of unsexy celebrities – in which case (trust us), look out.

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