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"The Oscar-Winning Boston Movie"

2011 was the year of the viral video. From bed intruders to double dream hands to Shaq on a Segway, the World Wide Web provided an endless supply of amusing sound bytes with which to keep us from getting any actual work done at work. And while Boston didn't serve up any full-on triple rainbows this year, we had plenty of local home movie hilarity to work with. It was tough — we had the pants-pissingly funny "Brady 911" and Wasted Talent's hip-hop homage "Khed" vying for top billing — but in the end the choice was clear. Improv Asylum's "THE OSCAR WINNING BOSTON MOVIE" spoofed Hollywood's dogged insistence upon painting our entire city with the broad strokes of a cracked-out Southie brush, and did it with surprising panache — Bahston accents and all. (Fun fact: 150 complex physics equations are solved by maintenance staff in this city every year. Who knew?) |

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