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It's easy to gripe about the dearth of authentic Mexican food in Boston. Mission-style burritos? You might as well be in pursuit of the lost island of Atlantis. But there is a spicy treasure to be found at the vibrant Inman Square eatery OLE MEXICAN GRILL, where chef Erwin Ramos has been whips up bona fide, old-school south-of-the-border recipes that exude epicurean confidence, but never scrimp on fun. (The tableside-made guac is the ultimate sit-down dining-party starter.) With everything from chiles rellenos to seared chile-crusted sea scallops to addictive Baja tacos to a mole poblano sauce that could make a plate of gym socks delicious, it's no surprise that diners seeking a refined gourmet meal are as easily satisfied as anyone in need of a Oaxacan street-food fix.

OLE MEXICAN GRILL | 11 Springfield Street, Cambridge | 617.492.4495

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