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Mass Ave

There are a few streets you can fall in love with. The ones you get to know so well, which bring you to all the best places, to your bars and parks and special spots; the ones you stumble down, drunk and happy; the ones you blur down in the rain, sad, alone. MASS AVE, great vein through Boston, a 15-mile stretch, give or take, from Lexington to Dorchester, from the birthplace of American freedom, through hallowed Harvard, by Central Square, the Plough, the Middle East, the ne’er-do-wells, past pillared MIT and, ah!, the Mass Ave Bridge, Smoot-measured, through Back Bay, Berklee, Christian Science, the South End, beyond, beyond, New Market Square and warehouses. It is the heart of the city, keeps the pulse of the city. No street rivals Mass Ave — not by a long shot.
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