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Mary Chung's Restaurant

MARY CHUNG RESTAURANT is a place you can take your globetrotting food-snob friend who knows his pig’s feet in soup noodles, or your mother-in-law who prefers crab rangoon. But most folks come here for a few famed dishes — suan la chow show (the signature dumpling appetizer that mysteriously appears on the soup menu), grandma’s pie, fiery dan-dan noodles, and yu shiang pork — that are as familiar and comforting as a favorite old fleece pullover. Don’t overlook the value-priced banquet-style dinners and weekend cartless dim sum, and don’t make the rookie mistake of showing up on Tuesdays (when it’s closed).

MARY CHUNG RESTAURANT | 464 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 617.864.1991 |

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