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Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks

Easily the most versatile upscale bar in the city, EASTERN STANDARD KITCHEN & DRINKS is a raucous, handsome, always-lively brasserie that somehow manages to serve Hotel Commonwealth guests, well-dressed couples and groups of friends out for a toot, and team-regalia-bedecked Sox fans — and make them all feel loved. A menu spanning French, Italian, and American fare, including great nose-to-tail charcuterie and offal selections, makes it a worthy dining destination in its own right. ESK’s not-so-hidden ace is the amazing cocktail-making skills of Jackson Cannon and his team, one of the top bartending staffs in Boston. “Something for everyone” is, in this instance, no cliché.

EASTERN STANDARD KITCHEN & DRINKS | 528 Comm Ave, Boston | 617.532.9100 |

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