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Rock around the Central Square clock (near it, anyway) with BOSTON SWING CENTRAL's Lindy-hop and swing-dance nights (located, temporarily, at the Cambridge YMCA). The nonprofit organization of dance enthusiasts is dedicated to the revival of swing-era (1920s–1940s) dance styles, which include Lindy hop, the Charleston, and such modern iterations as "East Coast" and "West Coast" swing. Boston Swing Central offers a beginner-level, hour-long swing lesson on Friday nights, followed by a three-hour full-on swing extravaganza set to a soundtrack of hot jazz, jump blues, classic, and neo-swing music. (Once the class is over and you're on your own, a series of "angels" float around the room, stepping in to help if you keep stepping on toes.) Don't have a dance partner, or don't have any clue what to do with your feet? Boston Swing Central solves those problems, too — no date or prior experience required. Also, no booze. (You'll live.)

BOSTON SWING CENTRAL | | CAMBRIDGE YMCA | 820 Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge | 617.661.9622 |

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