2012 Best Music Poll Winners


Meta P

Barrington-bred wordsmith Sean Sbardella, aka Metaphysics but known to all as Meta P, approaches his art with passion and vigor onstage and in the booth. Did you happen to catch the BMP campaign he posted on YouTube? Meta now has to fulfill promises of free kittens and cocaine for his loyal fans. This guy is out of his fucking mind, and we love it. His horror movie obsession laced the creative bars found on Off the Rock and Edison’s Ink (a flow self-described as “a raw tongue with a morbid sense of humor”), as well as his Kill Swag clothing line of tees and beaters. Meta P has shared stages with national acts Akrobatik, Apathy, and Onyx (and note: he turned down the chance to open for Mac Miller). Look up his FB page for daily unfilterednuggets regarding the state of hip-hop (e.g., “Nicki Minaj is the dumbest bitch on the planet”). Meta is a regular co-conspirator with DJ Sterbyrock’s Warped Wax Wednesdays on 90.3 WRIU-FM, and the two host the successful Throwback Thursdays weekly at the Apartment. Hit up and check what’s next.

RUNNERS-UP: DirtyDurdie, Chachi, Juan Deuce


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