2012 Best Music Poll Winners


Baylies Band

For the second straight year, New Bedford’s favorite noisemonger trio, Baylies Band led all winners in total votes. Wow. Eric Baylies is the man behind Baylies Band, and gave one of the more entertaining victory speeches at our BMP party this year. One of the first bands to join the high-quality/lo-fi 75orLess roster, the sonic terror began with Risibility and Discourse (recorded at renowned noise factory Machines With Magnets), followed by a pair of instrumental albums in Fort Thunder Flashback and the three-track/69-minute noise orgy Man Ray & Vague Knitting, as well as BB’s most recent epic piece, a lone 53-minute improv piece titled All Clowns No Lions (a spiked blend of Can, Sonic Youth, and Pink Floyd). Baylies Band are regulars at the annual International Noise Conference in Miami, and you can catch them in action at a pair of hometown shows next month, July 21 at the Black Watch Pub and on July 28 at No Problemo. Stop by for the full scoop.

RUNNERS-UP: Math the Band, Hank Sinatra Jr, Boo City


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