2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Rap/Hip-Hop Act



We can all but guarantee that Chachi Carvalho will be mayor of Pawtucket someday, and Le Bucket would benefit from a warm, gracious, and inspired cat like Carvalho (always ready with a Cheshire cat smile). But in the meantime we'll continue to soak up the crafty bars flowing off his Blue, Red and Green mixtapes (free downloads available at, as well as the bedside diary concerning the final days of his Pops (who lost a battle with cancer last year) brought to life on his recent jaw-dropper In Dust Real Evolution, with beats and production help from longtime collaborators J DePina and DJ Therion (the threesome recently debuted their Beard Brothers project at the Met). Carvalho's positive energy and storytelling skills resonate on "Car Keys," "Girl Interrupted," and "Last Dollar." "There's too many pessimists in the world — real talk," Carvalho declares on the opening of "Never Say Never," then proceeds to rip arguably his most potent lyrical delivery to date. This song will leave you frozen to your headphones. Pick up Chachi's In Dust Real Evolution immediately

2. Meta P
3. Dirty Hank
4. Big Rush

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