2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Male Vocalist

Tom Chace, The Propellers


When not devoting time to teaching music and acting classes at the Artists' Exchange in Cranston, Tom Chace leads the way as singer and keyboard/piano man for the Propellers." Chace's lyrics cover a variety of themes; the first time we met him following the 2009 sophomore release II, he likened the band's sound to "Wilco meeting Pink Floyd at Lou Reed's salon" (75orLess Records recommends the band to fans of Randy Newman and the Flaming Lips). Standout cuts include Chace's steady vocals and keyboard whoosh on "Roundabout Train," while the woozy lullaby "Worry" that bookends II is a fuzzy, half-baked keeper: "What me worry, I got time to pay the bills/I'm sleepy, where'd I put those fucking pills." And for some fun local flavor, look up "Colt State Park" from their self-titled debut (both full-lengths are available at 75orless

2. Mark Cutler
3. Al Diaz, Kanerko
4. Jay Berndt

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