2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Local Superstars

Lightning Bolt


Seventeen years strong, the Brians (Chippendale on drums and "vocals," Gibson pounding the bass) take the throne as local Rhody superstahs. On the '09 release Unearthly Delights, the barrage of eardrum-shredding madness was even heavier on the sludgy low-end (look up "Colossus"), considering the balls-out, breakneck madness of 2005's Hypermagic Mountain (all five Lightning Bolt discs are available at Though busy touring and recording with Black Pus, Chippendale revealed a new Lightning Bolt album is in the works, according to a recent interview with Seattle's The Stranger. For the uninitiated, pick up the 2003 DVD doc The Power of Salad for insight on the ski-masked dudes responsible for developing the legendary Fort Thunder music space/community, along with plenty of live (and totally fucking insane) footage. LB's Facebook page recently posted an interview with Vice magazine circa 1995, with Chippendale talking about the opening of Fort Thunder: "We just want to have parties with weird people sitting around listening to weird music. It's going to be music 24 hours a day in there. No sleep till 2010!" Time to wake up again.

2. Deer Tick
3. The Low Anthem
4. The Body

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