2008 Best Music Poll Winners



The Barrington-based quartet Penrose fought off some stiff competition in the Breakthrough Act and Best Song categories. “We’re very excited and also honored to win both of these categories,” lead guitarist Robb Pearson said. “We were blown away when we found out we were even nominated for both.” Named after mathematical physicist Roger Penrose and heavily inspired by veteran Cali rockers Thrice, Penrose lays down angular time changes and chugging chords that give way to meaty yet melodic arena-ready hooks. Case in point is BMP Best Song, “Slight of Hand,” the first single from their ’07 debut album Azimuth. With the tight rhythm section of bassist Jessie Green and drummer Mark Fallavollita, “Slight of Hand” delivers the familiar ebb and flow pace reinforced with some piercing fre board work, while lead singer/screamer Don Curtin  holds his own amongst the controlled chaos.

Azimuth is a thrashing yet accessible disc that recalls the finer moments of kindred spirits such as Sparta and Coheed and Cambria; it’s user-friendly and razor-sharp. They’re touring the Northeast in support of Azimuth, and June 3 marks their debut at Club Hell. Check out for the scoop.

 — Chris Conti

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