2008 Best Music Poll Winners

Loud Act

Pistol Shot Gypsy + Ronnie Travis

Changes are apace for Soma City, beginning with the band’s name. Due to a copyright conflict with another crew, Soma City is now officially Pistol Shot Gypsy. But the lineup remains unchanged: singer Ronnie Travis, the BMP Best Male Vocalist, guitarists Josh Floriano and Ian Haggerty, James Thompson on bass, and Danny DeMelo on drums. They’ve just sewn up their debut album, have retained the necessary reps and publishing, and are ready to pounce on a mass audience.

“It really feels like things are changing,” says Travis, “that we’ve shifted into a higher gear. We always work hard, and now we feel like we’re bring¬ing the dream just a little bit closer to reality.”

Though the band isn’t totally set on how to describe its sound — which is at times hard rock, metal, lighter-waving melodic rock, and/or alternative  — they’re striving to come up with an approach they can call their own. “We try not to alienate anybody,” says the singer who, with other PSG members, made up the Fall River band Soulshed. “We’ve got enough angst for the screamo kids, if that’s what they’re looking for, but headbangers can dig it, too. It’s a mosh pit of everything. It all bleeds through.”

Billed as a self-titled debut, Pistol Shot Gypsy — actually the band’s second album — is a blast of dark, mature, haunting, and totally believable decibels. It should meet with enthusiasm when they head out over the next few months to spread the word. “We’re gelling really well right now,” says Travis. “We’re past the awkward stage. This album is a real reflection of the five of us together. Everybody’s on the same page. We’re all pretty regular guys. We don’t have too far to fall, if it doesn’t work out, [since we have] regular day jobs. Of course, we’re hoping we don’t fall at all.”

The maturity is measured not only in performance, but in how they go about living the band experience. “It’s pretty simple,” says Travis, who says some membershave families to support. “We rock and roll and we take care of business at home.

“Right now, we feel like anything can happen. Whatever the case, we’ll have fun chasing it. We’re all so committed that I think we’ll find a way,” says Travis. “If we have to cash in soda cans to feed the kids, we’ll do it. We’ve all come to one realization: It’s much better to win than to lose,” he says ironically. “Given the choice, we’d rather win any day. You know what I’m saying?”

— Bob Gulla

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