2008 Best Music Poll Winners

Jazz/Funk Act


Is it any surprise that a chat with Paul Caraher, a principal of Funkatronic along with his brother Justin, touches on artists such as Parliament, James Brown, Michael Jackson, the Brothers Johnson, and the Meters? These are the acts that get Paul and Justin all fired up. “They’re completely funky,” says guitarist Paul. “It’s been inspiring for me, a suburban white guy, to reach for the funk, build a lot of rhythms and textures, but still go for the groove.”

Which is exactly what Funk¬atronic has been doing for years. “We’ve been collaborating with some people that have really opened us up to new audiences,” he explains. “Low B., Brendon Bjorness-Murano, the bassist from the Law, has been playing with us and we’ve got some cool things happening with him.” The Carahers are also working with guitarist Tim Palmieri of New Haven jam heroes the Breakfast on a few tunes. “We really want to expand beyond our local area to make a bigger impact,” says Paul, who also does solo, acoustic, lounge, and jazz gigs. “We’re looking to play to diverse audiences, and working with these guys has done that for us.”

Paul was stunned when he got the news of winning a BMP award. “My brother and I were really happy just to be nominated,” he says. “But to win really took us by surprise.” After getting over the shock, the Carahers plan to finish up their next supremely funky CD, with Jack Gauthier at Lakewest Studios.

— Bob Gulla

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