2012 Best Music Poll Winners

Punk Act


This rough-and-tumble seven-piece began 10 years ago with the meeting of three complete strangers in a New Hampshire pub (how many other bar pacts last that long?). Since that time, the Pubs have refused to let the well run dry, evolving into a rowdy, rollicking revue of Celtic punk traditionals and originals, which they’ve cultured into an internationally touring band. Layering fiddle, mandolin, and bagpipes over a traditional rock-band core, theirs is a style of music hard to argue with, richly traditional and fermenting with energy. On top of all that, perhaps it’s their commitment to apoliticism that’s won them so many followers — in their own words, the band are “not without their political views, but their mission from day one has been to provide a respite from the stresses of day-to-day life.” The Pubcrawlers celebrated their 10th anniversary this year by releasing a split CD with fellow punk group the Outsiders, raising the bar for contemporary Celtic punk even higher. | RUNNERS-UP: Outfits, Huak, Nuclear Boots


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