2012 Best Music Poll Winners

New Act

Max Garcia Conover

It’s tough to win people over when you’re just working with your voice and a guitar. Singer/songwriters are a dime a dozen — you can hardly swing a dead cat in this town without hitting one. So for Conover to rise above the scrum and find an audience in such quick fashion is testament to doing something right. He has a warm, unique voice, and his lyrics tell stories in literary ways that make people care. Plus, he’s a fine fingerstyle guitarist who can definitely walk and chew gum at the same time. Add all that to a near-constant output — two EPs in the last year and a steady stream of intimate live takes of interesting covers as part of his Sunday Sessions, which is nearly 20 songs deep of free material — and you can see why he’s gathered fans in a short amount of time. | RUNNERS-UP: Mai, Mai; Worried Well; AWAAS


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