2012 Best Music Poll Winners

Male Vocalist

Pete Kilpatrick Band

Pete Kilpatrick is starting to make people feel old. How is it possible he just released his sixth album? And now he’s got a kid? What happened to that teenage charmer with the dimples? He’s the same guy, really, if a bit wiser and with an ever-widening national fanbase thanks to some plum touring spots that were well earned. Heavy Fire was a solid step forward and a sign of a songwriter who’s found a band that’s more than willing to rally behind him. Layered and textured, it gets back to putting Kilpatrick solidly in the foreground, but while giving him a sturdier platform to stand on. As Kilpatrick enters this mid-career portion of his story arc, it will be fun to watch where his muse takes him and how fatherhood changes him as a songwriter and performer. | RUNNERS-UP: Jacob Augustine, Brant Dadaleares (Whitcomb), Dave Gutter (Paranoid Social Club)


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