2012 Best Music Poll Winners

Band that Broke Up

Wesley Allen Hartley and the Traveling Trees

Well, sort of. It might just be part of the DNA of a country band to split up and get back together ad nauseam. WAH and the band looked like they were dealt a deathblow last summer when they returned from the Arootsakoostik Festival and winnowed down to a three-piece (the more muscular Splendora Colt, who put out the fabulous Hoods on the Water Tower before themselves promptly splitting) before moving across the country (not all of them, just Wes himself). Hartley played an emotional farewell set at Geno’s before setting sail last winter, but our radars have picked up on a few reunion gigs in Maine this summer. Too early to tell if they’re planting root again, but they left their mark on the soil: 2011’s Narrow Gauge Quad Trains is indie-country-folk at its highest peak. |

RUNNERS-UP: Vanityites, Pinksy, AoK Suicide Forest


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