2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Rock Act

In The Audience


In the Audience are a mysterious band. Maybe the reason you aren't familiar with them is because they're barely old enough to go to bars. Maybe it's because their band is a revolving-door lineup that has included 12 different people. Maybe it's because they spend half their time in Toronto with the rest of the inter-city Nice Friends collective. Regardless, it's time to pay attention. Never mind their age, In the Audience have been turning a lot of heads on merit alone. Their brand of indie rock borrows a little from Say Anything and Broken Social Scene (and that's not just the Canadian collective talking), with dashes of Goo Goo Dolls and sprinkles of good old Springsteen for taste. They wowed opening up for Clinic last fall and just headlined their own CD-release at SPACE Gallery this spring. Having the benefit of an international wormhole doesn't hurt either — these guys are generating just as much buzz in Toronto as Portland. Consider the mystery solved: In the Audience are awesome. |

2. Grand Hotel
3. Paranoid Social Club
4. Holy Boys Danger Club

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