2011 Best Music Poll Winners

R&B/Soul/Blues Act

Grant Street Orchestra


Portland hasn't been to this kind of party since Rustic in their prime. Though they got write-in votes in a bunch of different categories, GSO take home their first Bimpie for helping in large part to resurrect Portland's R&B circuit over the last few years. Grant Street are a big, funky unit that imagines what George Clinton might have sounded like if he grew up in Parkside, blending '90s alt-rock, '70s soul, and smooth, modern, party-minded rhymes. Consider the set-up: two MCs fronting a five-piece horn-and-rhythm section. It's a rare band that can juggle this many big personalities without stepping on each other's toes, but it's exactly that sort of loose, egoless, anything-goes mentality that keeps GSO ticking. In the words of Mint (or maybe it's I-Kue): "I'm not a rapper or a master of ceremonies; I'm just a kid with a laptop and a fat dictionary." You can't be a soul band without being honest. |

2. Sly-Chi
3. Samuel James
4. Kenya Hall

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