2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Male Vocalist

Dominic Lavoie, Lucid


Dominic has been around the Portland scene for just shy of a decade now, and despite regular gigs (at packed clubs as well as annual appearances at festivals like Arootsakoostik), he hasn't lost a note. If anything, he and the Lucid have gotten better at showcasing his powerful pipes, hitting ultra-high highs, throaty gritty lows, breathy swoons, plaintive cries, long vibratos, and smooth transitions throughout his range. He's got the rock-singer look, too — the quiet smile, the porkpie hat, the skinny frame that somehow expands when he opens his mouth. And then there's his solo stuff, acoustic and occasionally accompanied by a friend, which — if it's possible — draws the focus even more tightly onto the sounds that flow forth from him. Bonus: If you want to hear his speaking voice, check WBLM (102.9 FM) weeknights between 6 pm and midnight, when he's the DJ, working his, well, "day" job. |

2. Jacob Augustine
3. Pete Kilpatrick
4. Zach Jones

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