2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Hip-Hop Act



Big shocker. The 25-year-old Wells rapper held on to the hardware after netting last year's Best Hip-Hop Act award. Of course, that victory came on the strength of his cheeky single, "I'm Awesome," which charted #37 on the Billboard charts and tallied more than five million YouTube views. This year, Ryan Peters has brought it back underground, releasing a collection of singles (Happy Medium) via Facebook at the stroke of 4:20 pm every Wednesday, and a long awaited mixtape (We Smoked it All Vol. 2) at midnight on April 20. I smell a theme. "I'm Awesome" perked up a lot of ears, but it's Peters's special blend of self-flagellation, local humor, and unpretentious honesty that'll keep them listening. National success is a fickle dragon, but Spose is up for the chase. He's got another round of releases — The Peter Sparker Mixtape and The Audacity! LP — coming in the next few months, and his weird, witty flow is only getting sharper. |

2. Brzowski
3. Educated Advocates
4. Sandbag

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