2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Folk Act

Vanessa Torres


When folksinger Vanessa Torres took to Kickstarter earlier this year to raise money for a new album, the results were a remarkable testament to her talent and her fans: She raised close to $10,000 in two months. Not surprising. Torres has been telling her truths, both personal and political, to adoring audiences for years. Her searing lyrics, whether they address the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, gay rights, or love, make it obvious why she's been honored in countless songwriting competitions across the country — she can tell a story with humor, convey a message without sounding pedantic, and lend emotional weight through both words and music. You can see Torres this summer at the Peaks Island Summer Concert Series on June 16 or raising money for Konbit Sante (the local organization that works to promote health care in Haiti) at a July 30 fundraiser in Woolwich. |

2. Jason Spooner
3. Marie Moreshead
4. Meghan Yates

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