2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Category-Defying Act

Jakob Battick and Friends


Jakob Battick and his revolving cast of friends don't defy genres as much as dwell in ones that haven't been invented yet. To describe his music as folk is like saying Leonard Cohen was a singer from the '60s. To call it dark is like saying Nick Cave is a really skinny guy. To say it's post-rock is like saying A Silver Mt. Zion is an epic hill. All true in a literal sense, but when it comes down to it, the descriptions don't even scratch the surface. Battick's work borrows from all those and more, and his aesthetic — the slow, mournful crawl and achingly sparse instrumentation — is like nothing else in town. His newest record, Bloodworm Songs, even blends some noisy, free-form skronk into the mix, giving the band another tone to add to their musical kaleidoscope. Battick's been at this for years now. His influences are diverse and deep, and he knows about as well as anyone that the avant-garde is — quite literally in fact — the future of music. |

2. Confusatron
3. Arms Against A Sea
4. Dan Knudsen

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