2009 Best Music Poll Winners

R&B,Soul,Blues Act



King of the hill

Sly-Chi were a big band in this town before everyone was a big band in this town. Adam and the Waxmen, Grupo Esperanza, that crazy Clash of the Titans where they put together an 18-piece band so people could sing Motown? Pffft. Sly-Chi have been holding that kind of thing down for a decade now. A perennial BMP winner at this point, they are the champions until someone knocks them off the pedestal.

Last year's The Space dropped just as the BMP voting ended, so voters have had a year to forget its infectious dance grooves, but it's become clear that, in the R&B category, rump-shaking takes precedence over anything heady or rootsy. Which makes sense. It's R&B, man. It's built for dancing, for the live show, and Sly-Chi knows as much about a live show in Portland as anyone, having logged a good thousand of them over the past 10 years. Now just make sure you don't take them for granted. |

1. Murder of Crows
2. Soul Movement
3. Samuel James

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