2009 Best Music Poll Winners

New Act

Hatchetface and the Vipers

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Been + gone

Best New Artist awards have long been seen as a kiss of death (Milli Vanilli, anyone?), but rarely are they given out posthumously. Hatchetface and the Vipers played their last show on May 2. Hatchetface celebrated all of the sleaze and grungy glamour of rock and roll excess without ever taking it too seriously. Their live shows always delivered maximum fun, and that energy permeates their sole, self-titled release on the Entertainment Experiment. It's no surprise Hatchetface scored a write-in vote, as their sudden (though amicable) break-up was felt by the legion of devotees they built. But never fear, as singer Peri Broadbent has recently been seen performing with psychedelic rockers Prism Camp, guitarist Salli Wason and bassist Angus McFarland are developing a new project called Hessian, and drummer Will Broadbent has this other band, too... | 

1_This Way
2_Gunther Brown
3_Spencer and the School Spirit Mafia

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