2009 Best Music Poll Winners

DJ-Dance Act

DJ Verbatum

DJ main

Lord of the dance

Some DJs like it if you watch. Other DJs want you to stop and listen. And then there are the DJs who would, quite honestly, prefer you didn't see them at all. It's in this latter category that we can file DJ Verbatum, whose Friday and Saturday night gigs at 51 Wharf — as well as occasional appearances elsewhere around town — demonstrate that it's not enough to just watch, or even just listen. Verbatum is a DJ you can't help but dance to. Out with a bachelor or bachelorette party? A group of friends? Or even with just one person — if it's dancing you're after, DJ Verbatum is your man, mixing hip-hop, house, and trance music into a consistently high-energy soundtrack for an exciting — if tiring — night out. Just don't look too close at the man himself; he's having enough fun on his own. |

1_Neon Garden
2_DJ Graymatter
3_DJ Lukaduke

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