2011 Best Music Poll Winners

WFNX Song of the Year

The Black Keys, Tighten Up

Black Keys song of the year

The Black Keys did the impossible in this year's BMP — they took down the mighty Mumford & Sons and prevented a fifth category win from the beloved British folksters. By a margin of only 15 votes, the pride of Akron, Ohio, found their easy-breezy, Danger Mouse-produced, street-struttin' soul jam "Tighten Up" taking home the award for WFNX Song of the Year, pretty much walking right into Mumford's vaunted "Cave" and showing them how-they-do out in the town LeBron James once betrayed. The smooth, jangly pop jam ended up on soccer video game FIFA 11, found its way into television commercial-land, and got pimped out to a few Hollywood flicks. But it was 'FNX's dedication to it — along with fellow Brothers single and future sporting-event mainstay "Howlin' for You" — that made "Tighten Up" one of the biggest songs of the year.

2. Mumford & Sons, The Cave
3. Adele, Rolling in the Deep
4. Arcade Fire, We Used to Wait

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