2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Pop Shit

Lady Gaga

lady gaga
As the most successful pop agitator of our time, it's now clear that Gaga circa '11 is the equivalent Axl Rose circa '91: musically cavorting with classic-rock legends (both Rose and Gaga have confessed to major Queen and '70s cock-rock obsessions), unveiling sprawling (and sprawlingly personal) masterworks, and wearing people out with a nonstop, oversized personality. If The Fame is Appetitefor Destruction, and if The Fame Monster is her GN'RLies, then the just-released Born This Way is Gaga's Use Your Illusion: an overweight event album filled with her most sonically nutty tunes (tracks like "Scheiße" and "Americano" are "My World" and "Double Talkin' Jive") alongside her most back-to-basics conventional (modern-country assault "Yoü & I"). And, of course, the unnecessary pomp and outsized ambition of megahit "Edge of Glory" is basically the "November Rain" of 2011. When Gaga is hitting on all cylinders there just isn't room for anyone else in the world of pop — which is a drag to her meager competition but a boon for those who can tolerate the obnoxious in service of the anthemic.

2. Katy Perry
3. Nicki Minaj
4. Bruno Mars

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