2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Electronic/Dance Act

LCD Soundsystem


The fact that James Murphy has not released any music in the time since we last polled you guys is very telling of the type of year he's had. The holdover success of This Is Happening propelled him through 10 months of touring, produced one of the most bizarre music videos you'll likely ever see (in which he and his mates are sexually harassed by a group of pandas), and culminated in a February retirement announcement that nearly crippled the Internet with think pieces and conspiracy theories. Since day one of LCD Soundsystem, Murphy has made it clear that he doesn't want to spend his 50s playing "Losing My Edge" to a bunch of wasted twentysomethings. And if you were lucky enough to catch the Madison Square Garden finale — or even the exceptional Boston tour stop last September at the Orpheum — you can't be mad: what we witnessed was rarefied air, a dance-punk band making three damn-near perfect LPs in a time when full-length dance albums generally disappoint, and going out with a bang.

2. Crystal Castles
3. Robyn
4. Cut Copy

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