2012 Best Music Poll Winners

Song of the Year

Viva Viva

Hear it once, and it crawls deep inside your headspace and lives there for days. Ask it to leave, and it tells you to piss off and then shits riffs in your cranial garden. The lead single off this year’s What’s the Kim Deal EP (Fort Point Recordings), “Hailing a Cab in Hell” is a sonic swindler, a tumbling blues joint that continues to solidify Viva Viva’s long-standing rep as one Boston’s finest rock-and-roll institutions. In a time where everyone is looking for the freshest new sounds — and the drop that follows it — Viva Viva remain old school, so much that the garage-rock powerhouse in October spit in the face of Internet file sharing and online promotion by tucking 200 promo CDs (you know, that old relic called the compact disc) of “Hailing a Cab in Hell” into Filter magazines on newsstands around town. Viva Viva embody not only our city’s tireless DIY ethic, but our standard of Boston cool.

RUNNERS-UP: Earthquake Party, “Pretty Little Hand”; Casey Desmond, “Talking to God”; Cuffs, “Privilege”

_Michael Marotta 


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