2012 Best Music Poll Winners

Psych/Experimental Act

Ghost Box Orchestra

If there’s one sort of music that Massachusetts has a hold on, it’s the kind made up of weird, out-there kaleidoscopic sounds. And Boston’s a focal point. Our city’s sonic landscape ranges from the bleeps, bloops, and drones of electronica to the more analog end of the spectrum, the psychedelic scene. Since 2008, Ghost Box Orchestra — Jeremy Lassetter on guitar and vox, Christopher Johnson on guitar, Dennis Noble bass, Nazli Green on keys/percussion, and Martin Rex on drums — have been making a name for themselves in the psych scene through their 2010 LP, The Only Light On, as well as their 2011 live-tour cassette tape. With their slow-burning cyclical guitar riffs and hazy heavy drumming, it makes sense that Ghost Box Orchestra have appeared at Deep Heaven Now and even Austin Psych Fest last year.

RUNNERS-UP: Julia Easterlin; Animal Hospital; Peace, Loving

_Liz Pelly


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