2012 Best Music Poll Winners

New Act

Yale, Massachusetts

As a former Long Island emo kid, it’s my duty to support any band in Allston that is not too hip to mix elements of pop-punk with some old-school emo influences. Luckily, I’m not alone in this affinity for angsty FML-wave powerpop, as is evident in Yale, Massachusetts, voted the Best New Act in Boston. In the video for “Danger City, Population: ME,” their fellow Bostonians pelt the band with skateboards, Christmas trees, hockey sticks, children’s toys, plates, records, and more. But that’s fiction, clearly — their fans are way less concerned with throwing shit at them than with blasting their high-energy jams, shot-gunning beers at their shows, and screaming along to their snarky lyrics. “Keep It Shitty” is my personal fave: “And if it sucks so bad/Why are you still here?/There are so many places/Where you can get cheaper beer.” Word.

RUNNERS-UP F The New Highway Hymnal. Camden, Fat Creeps

_Liz Pelly


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