2012 Best Music Poll Winners

Metal Act


We’ve said it before, and we’ll likely say it again a few million times: Boston is undergoing a metal renaissance. There was time when walking on a Boston stage with a pointy guitar was a faux pas on par with wearing your own band shirt — but no longer, as a tight field of thrash regurgitators fill clubs and crowd bills. Nevertheless, this is New England, and these newfangled heshers must still, in a sense, bow down to the hegemony of classic Mass-core, especially when bands like Acaro are going full-tilt with their pummelling-yet-melodic brand of assaultrock. This twin guitar five-piece is riding high on the fumes left from the release of last year’s debut, The Disease of Fear, a dense metalcore thicket of bruising beats and intricate guitar thuggery that has brought the band on the precipice of national acclaim.

RUNNERS-UP: Motherboar, Ramming Speed, Razormaze

_Daniel Brockman


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