2012 Best Music Poll Winners

Indie/Powerpop Act


This year we merged the kissing-cousin genres of “indie” and “powerpop” to raise a glass to six of our city’s finest melody makers, so perhaps it was Letterday’s reach beyond Boston’s borders that gave them an edge in this very competitive field. Having formed more than a decade ago and honing their post-emo power-pop craft at endless all-ages shows around New England, Letterday re-emerged this past fall, reloaded and recharged, with a new EP, Ready, that showed there’s plenty left in their rock-and-roll tank. The explosive five-track collection, sparked by confident single “Don’t Go,” was a polished call-to-arms, a densely packed hook barrage perfect for late-night driving sprees around the suburbs, soundtracking the journey from residential sidestreets to the highway that leads out of town. Letterday are the sound of youth, grown up a little, with a lifetime in the rear-view but new adventures remaining to be experienced.

RUNNERS-UP: Soccer Mom, The Bynars, The Susan Constant

_Michael Marotta


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