2012 Best Music Poll Winners

Hip-Hop Act

Grey Sky Appeal

For too long the emerging image of Boston hip-hop was that of a few prevailing talents, some of whom have won this accolade in past years without so much as dropping a single. Now the local groove, like the game at large, is ever-rotating, with more experimental outfits like Grey Sky Appeal rushing to the front of the pack. Their journey was unique — Outwrite and Subtex rode producer Taj’s morbid mayhem through Allston basements, up through the Hub underground, and into greater alt-hop pastures in the span of less than two years. Of course, Grey Sky’s rhymes, content, and texture aren’t far from the brainy battle boasting that Boston rap is built on, and their homonymous debut showcases marathon skills barreling through bass lines. As a package, though, they are something new, and in circles around here that’s a milestone in itself.

RUNNERS-UP: Moe Pope, Cam Meekins, Moufy

_Chris Faraone


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