2011 Best Music Poll Winners


Time Crisis, Bricks

The most exciting new local alt-hip-hop act of the past year, Time Crisis (a division of Fameless Fam) have already proven smart enough to separate themselves from the Boston rap community. The crew drew distinction by favoring house parties over club gigs, and by boasting a diverse crew packed with singers and electronically-inclined producers. MC Virtue and his posse made a lasting mark on the fringe with their video for "Bricks," a metaphor-fueled track that received a fitting treatment from Emerson student-director Ian Wexler. Matching the droll but emotional nature of this dramatic rhapsody, the short film serves as light food for thought that nonetheless fills the mental tummy, all while avoiding the kind of cliché that hobbles even great contemporary rap videos. Hundreds of innocent cassette tapes and stereo components were injured in the making of this video, but considering how much Fameless Fam do to preserve good, old-fashioned originality in hip-hop, even bleeding-heart audiophiles should be able to forgive them.

2. This Blue Heaven, Slow Dance Slow
3. Young Adults, Let Us Out
4. Motherboar, Croctosquatch

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