2011 Best Music Poll Winners


Kingsley Flood

kingsley new

Boisterous sextet Kingsley Flood have vocalized much uncertainty about the "Americana" tag. But it's also true that they're batting eyes at jingly, piano-driven retro-pop with their latest single, "I Don't Wanna Go Home." There is mouth-foaming anticipation surrounding the successor to their 2010 debut Dust Windows (scheduled to be unleashed this winter), which we must consider will be filled with tracks that sound like "Don't Wanna." Meanwhile, this troupe of unlikely rustics are too busy getting compared to God's dick by NPR to care about categorization. Brandishing anecdotal odes to the downtrodden by way of honky tonk gruffness and Naseem Khuri's lyrical panorama, Kingsley Flood have made it easy to imagine them busking in subways or chillaxing in the woods with a bottle of moonshine and some no-kill wolf-and-bear-repellent spray. In reality, they thrive in crowded rock clubs, where there are no carnivorous critters, just excited people and lots of beer.

2. Points North
3. The Resurrectionists
4. David Wax Museum

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