2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Rap/Hip Hop

Moe Pope & Rain

Moe Pope and Rain Local Rap 

About five years ago Moe Pope was known among heavy hip-hop heads as the most amazing Hub rap talent who got routinely slept on. It didn't matter how insightful his unique take on the Boston ghetto or how bump-worthy the bangers he rode. A scene veteran who first earned his stripes with the influential groups Mission (now Crown City Rockers) and Electric (along with Edan, Dagha, Raheem Jamal, and Mike "Anonymous" Pruitt), he made a phenomenal comeback effort with Project Move that went unnoticed — and his solo follow-up didn't fare much better despite being the best Boston rap album in years. Now, on the heels of dozens of shows around New England, Moe Pope — along with producer Rain and wingman Christopher Talkin — has become more than just a rapper's rapper. Everyone from hardcore cats to hipsters fell for his 2010 Brick Records release, Life After God; and, for those who still needed a push, the gang's synth-pop-tribute remix project, Depeche Moe, added new believers.

2. Sam Adams
3. 7L & Esoteric
4. Slaine

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