2011 Best Music Poll Winners


Dead Cats Dead Rats

BMP Local Punk Band - Dead Cats Dead Rats

Dead Cats Dead Rats ran away with this one, garnering more than double the votes of this category's silver-medalist, folk-rioters the Swaggerin' Growlers. Only one Boston artist in the entire BMP racked up more clicks than these punk champs — jazz prodigy Grace Kelly. DCDR's jaw-dropping tally might've been abetted by the many fans singer Matt Reppucci made during a brief run as a substitute teacher. He was undoubtedly the cool punk-rock educator, and enthralled teenagers are known to enjoy voting on stuff. But DCDR would've won this thing anyway. It's been a killer year for the deliciously caustic power trio. On top of this big nod, DCDR tossed the 2010 punk-of-the-year BMA into their trophy case, and produced Monsters, a cerebellum-crunching reaffirmation of pissed-off loud rock music. And they didn't even make us pay for it.

1. Swaggerin' Growlers
2. Young Adults
3. Refuse Resist

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