2011 Best Music Poll Winners


Grace Kelly

grace kelly

It might be time to graduate alto saxophonist and vocalist Kelly up to the national ranks — even if her dad does run Kelly's label, Pazz Music, out of the basement of the family's gift shop in Coolidge Corner. After all, this is her fourth win in a row in this category. Not only that, Kelly's fans routinely out-vote contenders in any of our BMP categories. (Take that, Mumford & Sons.) Having built a loyal following since emerging as a preteen hometown phenom, Kelly has put out one imposing album after another in recent year — a duet session with Lee Konitz in 2008; an impressive solo disc in 2009; this year's Man with the Hat with alto legend Phil Woods; and, just now, a gospel-tinged album called Grace. Kelly is still maturing as a singer and writer, but her playing is beyond reproach. Sometimes the numbers don't lie.

2. Yoko Miwa
3. Either/Orchestra
4. Florencia Gonzalez

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