2011 Best Music Poll Winners

Assholes who moved to NYC

Passion Pit

assholes who moved to NY

In a category that's giving us flashbacks to Wade Boggs riding that goddamn police horse around Yankee Stadium after the 1996 World Series, the band declared biggest assholes for moving to New York were never really from Boston to begin with. But whether you go to college here, spend two weeks in a K-hole while recording at a Somerville flophouse, or merely take a musical shit at the Natick rest stop on the Mass Pike (upload it to SoundCloud, kehd), Boston's local scene is quick to claim you as its own. So though the dudes from Passion Pit were all individually from remote, creativity-barren places like Buffalo and New Jersey, they're forever a Boston band. Which makes their inevitable relocation to that giant cesspool 200 miles south oh-so-heartbreaking. Most bands ride the I-95 slide to New York in order to get famous, but in Passion Pit's case it was more to revel in newfound accolades and attention. So when their new record drops this winter, people will likely imagine them celebrating its release in Boston. We only hope the new press photos aren't against a Brooklyn backdrop, although the idea of an overpriced, overrated, urine-scented publicity shot stained with pastrami sweat is appealing.

2. Eli "Paperboy" Reed
3. Hooray For Earth
4. Twin Shadow

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