2010 Best Music Poll Winners

Club Night: Rock

Born of Fire at O'Brien's


Metal fans in Boston are tired of getting the proverbial shaft — reading the regional listings and seeing all the sickest metal shows skipping the Hub in favor of Wormtown and (boo!) Connecticut is enough to make your average Slayer acolyte retire his filthy denim vest. Fortunately, the past year has seen the explosion of Boston metal that is the Born of Fire night at O'Brien's. The brainchild of erstwhile headbanger Zack Wells, BOF has brought us pairings of the region's slaytanic best twice a month — so you no longer need to drive an hour or more each way to get your fix of Howl, Rat Corpse, and Sexcrement. This town is already a hotbed for some of the region's (and the nation's) top metal acts — it's about time they got to play a club show in their own town.

2. Primitive Sounds at River Gods
3. This Is Why They Hate Us at Alchemist Lounge
4. Rescue Nite at Model Café

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