2009 Best Music Poll Winners

Local Act

Passion Pit


Hey! Somebody stop that band! They just ran off with our poll! You wouldn’t suspect such a nice gang of local boys to be capable of such decisive, widespread smackdownage, but lo: 2009 is Passion Pit’s year, as they snag four categories in this year’s BMP. Michael Angelakos’s tremulous falsetto hasn’t left our heads (or his sinuses) since the band’s eagerly awaited, poll-topping, full-length debut, Manners, dropped earlier this year, but it’s the songs themselves (like reader fave “The Reeling”) that have installed the Pit crew as the official boys of indiedom’s summer. Every track is a little gift that gets off on giving, with each beach-bound car-stereo spin revealing new intricacies in their effortlessly buoyant electro-pop. “Everything’s easy when you never have to choose,” sings Angelakos in “Folds in Your Hands.” Of course, we should be thanking them for making several of this year’s decisions so easy — and so breezy.

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