2008 Best Music Poll Winners


Joseph Colbourne

“It’s possible we may have overestimated the popularity of rare 1970s dance music,” reads the flyer on the MySpace page for Color, Joseph Colbourne’s dearly departed monthly dance party at the Milky Way. Well, maybe not. Colbourne, probably the city’s foremost disco expert, comes out on top of one of the strongest Best Music Poll Local DJ/Dance categories in recent memory. In a town that finally seems to be shedding its rock-bred fear of dancing — with Thunderdome, Gross Anatomy, Hearthrob, etc., seriously sweatifying rooms on the regular — Colbourne’s encyclopedic knowledge and killer collection of all manner of retro dance music puts him in a league of his own. In addition to Color, Colbourne helped put the boogie in roller boogie at last year’s series of “All Skate” benefits for the Chez Vous roller rink and made surfing the Web a lot funkier with his Get Up, Get Down blog ( Look for him at the big “Love During Wartime 2” blowout at the Paradise on May 31.

— Will Spitz

1. DJ Carbo
2. Red Foxx
3. Baltimoroder

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